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      I am actually using Sony Studio HD. When I use the chroma screen function – I look like a ghost. You can see the background through my overlay. its faint – but you can actually see right through me….. Any suggestions?

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      As long asthe chroma intensity – editing software – is set right, the rest is all in the setup. The screen must be evenly lit, preferably also with an adequately lit subject. There’s a number of greenscreen lighting tutorials on Videomaker.

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      I had a look at the manual for Sony Studio HD 9 and didn’t see mention of keying. Perhaps though your version uses a procedure like Adobe Ultra which, if ‘keyed’ incorrectly, creates the same effect as you describe. Setting the ‘key’ in Ultra is done by clicking in the frame and EVERYTHING is keyed out (for the most part) not just a green or blue background. If the person you want in the foreground is in the frame, they become a ghost. To fix this in Ultra, and perhaps in your case too, key on a frame that does not include the talent. Hope that helps.

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      Select “show mask only” and try adjusting the parameters. You may have the “low threshold” too high.

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      there are several things. first, the green screen must be properly lit. secondly, make sure that the chroma key effect is set for the correct color. this is done by using the eyedropper tool and clicking on the green screen. the third is to make sure that the person in front of the green screen is properly lit, so that there is a separation between the person and the green screen. otherwise you will either have green screen flooding, or you will look like a ghost (although sometimes people do the later on purpose)

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      just eyedrop the background and adjust threshold and other attributes as need to dial in your key.

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