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      I would like to create some chroma key software which does everything live. I’d like to import video from a camcorder live, take out the background (usually green) live, select different backgrounds and change backgrounds live, then have a live output onto a tv monitor so whoever is in front of the green screen will see themself infront of my random video.
      I guess the question is, what could I make this in? Anyone know? And, is anyone willing to help if I do most of the work?
      I’ll wait to hear back!

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      quartz composer
      got a mac?

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      running XP, and whats that? Is it a program? Because I was wanting to make this myself. 😉

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      part of a software developers kit included with osx.
      allows graphical interface to core graphics engine at the os level.
      great for photo/video aplications you may want, if you like to "Roll Your Own" that is.
      check out quartz tv on the apple developers website. does exactly what your asking for. osx only!

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      Have you seen visual communicator? It sounds like what you are trying to develop. Perhaps you could use this for a base and improve upon it?


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      A great way to do this live is with a video mixer.

      Video mixers support 2 or more channels, and include a chroma key effect. Chroma key one channel, and have the other channel beneath it.

      Here’s an example of a standard mixer:

      These machine can run pretty expensive though, and the older ones only deal with analog video, so anything complex (and importing) would be a little more difficult.
      Nonetheless, just having a video playing in the background and having your subject chroma keyed, a video mixer would do the job well and relatively easily.

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      I Use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 7.0
      My Animatronic project /Chroma key Test /SmoothOn Video commercial

      The Quality of video video in You Tube is good ,But the Quality of AVI and DV is Great
      New Video
      Thanks Guys

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      i was looking into buying vegas. does it send the output live with the background too?
      and, if i made my own software, which i will probably end up doing, i could customize and sell it if i wanted to. 😀

      I looked into getting a mixer but the price shocked me. i still think software is the better way to go.

      im looking at visual communicator now, still looks too expensive for me as i dont have a steady income as a 15 year old. X-D

      doesnt everyone think that creating software would be the best way to go? it would work, right? maybe i would need a second video card for dual monitor. that seems the easiest to me. if i do end up making the software, it would be nice. i could go to graduations and places like that and run the softwar

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      Huh. Most NLE are for post production, post production, and I haven’t heard of any that can edit effects such as chroma key and output the video "live." Making your own software, if you have some fair experience and a quite a bit of time this summer, may be the cheapest solution. (I’m sure there’s something for a computer that does this, just never heard about it).
      Otherwise a video switcher will do the job, but it would be very expensive. Does your school own a switcher that you can borrow?

      PS. if you do develope a software that does this, give me a call. I’ll easily put down $50 😀

      By the way, nice animatronics there, willettlfx.

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      I do know bits and pieces of different programming programs but I’m just not sure what it could be made in. That’s why I came here. I’m just going to start learning, I’ll do anything I can to make this. Good thing I have a lot of downtime during the summer!

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      so any word yet anyone?

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