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      I’m shooting some green screen footage with my Canon XH-A1s, 1080i HD. The footage is going to live on the web in a Flash movie and on Youtube. I’m running After Effects CS4 on a MacPro with 16gb RAM.

      I’m curious to know if anyone can suggest the best Render settings to use. I’m getting better at the deinterlacing and color correction but with all of the settings that AECS4 has I’d love to learn how others have succeeded with rendering the footage, especially with needing to put it up on Youtube and using Flash.

      Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!



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      In another thread, you said that the flash video you created looked good, but when viewed on youtube, it looks like crap.

      This problem is not your fault…you’ll need to change your youtube settings to allow for HD viewing.

      The problem with this is that many people don’t set youtube to HD so your video will still look like crap to them…however, if the original file you uploaded is HD, there will still be clicky that’ll ask the user to view the clip in HD if they want to.

      You can also experiment with different codecs, but I don’t thinks it’s really gonna matter much when it comes to youtube.

      Otherrecommended codecs you could try are h.264or Mp4 in a quicktime movie file…I did some work for a guy using SD footage and Mp4 seemed to work good for youtube.

      The only HD tests I did were with HD .wmv files. They looked fine in HD, but standard youtube resolution just made me cringe.

      As I said…HD looks decent in youtube, but they still always recompresses the footage so it’ll never look the same as your original file.

      Good luck!

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      Thank you Coreece, I will keep experimenting. It’s just that every once in a while you see some really good footage up there on Youtube and the few people that I’ve pinged simply didn’t reply, like they’re keeping it a secret! I come from the web side of the world, everything is open source and everyone benefits from knowledge. Anyway, I’ll press on.

      Thanks again,


Viewing 2 reply threads
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