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      I will be doing a rather large production for a local church. I want to use a chroma key because some of the scenes involve shrumken people and bugs. We need to use a chromakey that can extend onto the ground so we can include their feet.

      I read somewhere that you can use lanoleum and pant the back side green. I thought this might be nice as it wouldn’t wrinkle very easy, and you could get an easy sweep from wall to floor.

      Does anyone have any experiance with this? Is there a better solution for including the floor.

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      For a floor greenscreen, I’d recommend a large color cloth or color wallpaper that matches the wall’s color.

      You’ll also need the apropriate lighting (particularly for your setup)to make the greenscreen effectively solid.

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      We’ve always used paint for the floors…

      It also helps to have a rounded edge were the wall meets the floor so it seems like one contiguousflowof green without the shadows of edges and corners…this however is not absolutely necessary and usually used in higher budgeted keys.

      as XTR said,good evenlighting is important…you also wanna watch out for green falloff while you are recording…sometimes the green from the screen will reflect onto subtle areas of the talent and objects that haveeven the slightestreflective surface…this could spell disaster.

      Also, no matter how good you prepare your greenscreen, chances are you are not going to get a clean key by only using one instance of a color key filter…you will usually have to apply several instances of the filter using slightly different shades of green with each filter…other tricky techniques may be required to get a professional key.

      The main thing is to AVOID that falloff I mentioned earlier…even if you overlook some minor details or your lighting isn’t the best it could be, there are keying techniques that will help fix this, but if you have that green falloff/spill on the talent, there isn’t much you can do.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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