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      Somebody here who love skiing ? πŸ˜€
      Anyways,I made a little skimovie from the Christmas Holiday here in Norway.
      I want feedback for the editing please ; )

      Watch in HD;

      Filmed with a Panasonic HDC SD1 camera and edited in Sony Vegas 7

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      I liked most of it. Some of the shots with the background sky and clouds were really great. I thougt the food shot at 1:20 didn’t seem to fit. Other than that I thought a couple of shots got a little repetaive. I give it high marks for use of the existing lighting.


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      Did you shoot some of those shots while skiiing?? You are amazing.

      I loved it. I think it helped you picked awesome music πŸ™‚ I’m sure your friends really enjoyed this!

      I love some of the cuts like at 1:57 on the same shot to the bass. Also I like the snow shot at 2:12. Most of the skiing shots were cool. The ski shot at 0:44 with the sun in the back is great. 2:33 was a neat transition to the music.

      Good job.

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