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      I’ve got a lot of great suggestions on my freeware book, but have discovered some suggested programs are not really freeware. These include Roxio Buzz, Reaper, and TMPGEnc. These are not really freeware, Reaper is shareware, so you still have to pay and the others have free trials available, but no real “free version”.

      Should I remove these from the book to make peoples life easier, or would you rather I keep them andinform that there is no free version? I’m leaning toward keeping Reaper, since many think it is free even though it isn’t and i’ll just explain what really goingon.

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      It’s your blog I’m just glad to getthe information.

      Ihave to admit there is a lot of stuff misrepresented for free download, and then you find out it’s time bombed or something.

      Freeware is what it is. Alsoopen source software is frequently picked by up byothers over time and further developed. Many opensource type projectshave been going on for years and the original developer is long gone. The reason for that is.. probably because the source is open to others from the start and the become familiar enough with the code to develop it further.

      Evaluation versions ofdecentprofessional software is a better go, than Shareware IMO.

      Too many of the shareware devs disappear,except for a fewexceptions. I went through the shareware circle several years back and I just ended up with a bunch of stuff that didn’t work that well, and it was quickly desserted by the developer.

      I really don’t have an opinion about what you do on your site.

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      Hey man,

      You are very good about getting the free trials (man after my own heart) (whatever that means) anyway I think the free trial is essential to the videomaker on a shoestring. Congrats on this project.


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      ok, thanks for the input. I’ll make one page that mentions all free trials, that aren’t really freeware, but give Reaper it’s own chapter and mix things up a little. I also have a new “A List” of freeware that’s REALLY GOOD!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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