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      Yes, you read that right. I’m trying to use pinnacle studio – keyword: trying. Am I nuts? No, just desperate.

      Back before my boss saw the light and got Sony Vegas, he had the whole pinnacle shebang – video box, software, cables, etc. and somehow this footage he wants edited is in what seems to be pinnacle’s .MTS video format.

      Now, I’m trying to rig pinnacle long enough to render out this footage as an AVI so the vegas experience will be an absolute breeze. Why don’t i just import the .MTS into Vegas as is? Don’t even ask…

      So, any tips on keeping pinnacle unfrozen long enough to render out this critical footage? Thanks in advance.

      For the record, I heartily agree with anything negative anyone’s said about this piece of junk program. It’s nothing more than an upscale version of Windows Movie Maker.

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      My sympathies.



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      Chris, why not stay in vegas, create some proxies to edit by and then replace the proxies with the mts files when rendering out? take a look at a program called gearshift from, you’ll be glad you did.


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      thanks, john

      i’ll take a look. any others?

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      I feel for you! My life was desperately entrapped by the menacing Pinnacle Studiobefore I learned Avid and Vegas. You could just tell your boss to forget………Nevermind, you might lose your job. Good luck!


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      And the winner is…


      Thank you, thank you very much. I’d like to thank everyone in this post especially Johnboy for his advice, but oddly enough, what I ended up doing was being patient and only clicking the render button one extra time in impatience/frustration. No freeze-up, but it’s STILL rendering at work, which means I don’t have any work to do over the weekend, because my external drive is still at work!

      Now I can sit in peace in my own home and watch the Olympics in Beijing (including the awesome 2008 drummers)and know that I won gold in my event – Man vs. Software.

      THANKYOUVERYMUCH for all your support!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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