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      I recently purchased Sony Vegas 5.0 bundle. I have a new computer with tons of hard drive space, memory, a fast CPU, etc. I have a NVidia video card/128 MB DDR/4x-8xAGP/VGA-TV Out/Nview Dual Display.

      When I enter into Sony Vegas 5.0, and select the Capture function, I can hook my Sony DCR TRV260 digital video camera to the USB port and watch the video streaming in and it looks just like I shoot it, smooth, and the sound is solid. But when I click on the Capture Video button, the video footage become choppy, and jerky. However, the sound is playing just fine. When I stop Capture and view what I’ve captured it also is choppy, jerky, the same as it was captured. Is there something in the settings that I need to change?

      I tried using Video Maker, just to see if the footage would capture there just fine, but the results were the same; footage looked fine while streaming, but choppy, jerky in playback.

      There’s nothing running in the background (I assume) of my system. I am not using the computer for anything else except for digital music recording, which I use on a different hard drive, which has Windows 2000, opposed to the Windows XP I use on the Sony Vegas hard drive.

      Help, before I loose my… Thanks.

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      your problem is that you are capturing through a usb port. you need to capture through a firewire port.

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      Did a ton of troubleshooting this weekend; I found in the help index, under troubleshooting, that, because I have the Sony Vegas 5.0 installed on my 160 MB hard drive, which uses Windows XP, that I am suppose to capture/render DV video to another drive, which I did and it works (with the exception of 20 or so dropped frames, which is far less than the 200 – 300 I was getting when I was capturing to the same hard drive as the Vegas is installed); Now all I have to do is figure out why I’m still dropping frames; On the drive I a capturing to, I have installed a software that I use to record/edit digital music and that’s all; the operating system for that 120 MB drive is Windows 2000; I wondering if the dropped frames is due to the differences in the operating systems (XP on the drive that has the Vegas program vs. Windows 2000, which is on the drive that is capturing the video), or is it dirty heads, or if any one has death with this whole confusing process before. Thanks again.

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      Last night, I went into Admin Tools and checked which programs were running in the background; I used some internet tips (from various sources) to either set programs on manual or disable it altogether; I did this for both hard drives; I retested capturing and got the same choppy, jerky video with static in the audio, then the screen would just freeze, and post an error message about an occuring while capturing; I tried the same in Ulead and got the same type result, and same type of message, which included something about the screen size not being correct (or something like that; I’m at work now, can’t remember); also, both my hard drives are on the same channel (ch. 1) and my CD-Rom is on Ch. 2; I have the hard drive jumpers set so the Win XP drive is the master and the Windows 2000 hard drive is the slave; what I propose to do is disconnect the CD-Rom and connect that cable to the Windows 2000 hard drive; then I will change the jumper configuration, changing the master/slave setup; I’ll leave the CD-Rom diconnected; then I’ll try to capture again and see if having the hard drives on separate channels will help; do you think, now that I’ve tried to capture so many time, causing errors, capturing the bad footage, the freeze-ups, etc., do you think I should uninstall the Sony Vegas and reload it? During these test I’ve defragmented my hard drive already.

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      Hello: The problem is resolved and I’m so happy. Nothing like a cold beer after resolving a 3 week long software problem. This is how I resolved the problem. I “finally” saw that my hard drive 0 was not set perminently to DMA; I had to go deep into the settings using Extreme Tech Support in order to “force DMA mode”; then I made both my hard drive masters and slaved my DVD ROM; I bought a standardized firewire cable; captured to my hard drive that don’t have the Vegas loaded on it; and it worked; 10 minutes of smooth capture and not a single dropped frame (at least today); I’m sure it will do just fine from this point on. Thank you all for your help/advice; I’m sure I’ll be asking more advice as I proceed on to editing; such as: I’m in the process of shooting a music video (my first); I want to shoot while the singer lip syncs to their song; what is the best
      way to do this; should I play the music on a sterio/speakers, and record it along with the video? Should I let the music play, the singer lip sync, capture it, mute the sound, then add the music? I’ve heard that if the singer is lip syncing to their music, then that music is muted in edit and the real recording is overlayed, then because the device that is playing the music the singer is lip sync to had a different motor speed than the computer’s CD player, then the sound will be off. Or, should I capture the sound in Vegas using the same device that I used to play the music, which will play at the same speed, which should capture at the same speed? Then, also, after I have the sound in one file, and the video in another, how can I merge the two? Thanks. The rookie editor!

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      Glad I could help.

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      as much to my knowledge that I can give you, yes, you have the right idea. Shoot your footage of the singer lip syncing to a recording of the music played through a sound system/boom box, whatever you want to use, you would then utilize the original music recording in your editing software and sync the video to the audio of the music using the ambient sound recorded at the shoot or visually with the video. you could then insert various shots to cover any sync problems. Good luck and happy editing.


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