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      Sorry if this has been covered before.

      I am just starting digital video capturing/editing.

      I have a Canon Optura 20, which I capture the audio and
      video to my PC via Firewire.
      My PC is a Dell 8300, P4 3.0Ghz, 1 gig RAM, Nvidia FX5200 128 meg card,
      40 gig C drive, 120 gig D drive (used for capture) XP Home SP2.

      I did a test using the Canon bundled capture software, and
      capture about 3 minutes of video.
      I set the video for the lowest resolution and smallest file size.

      It capture the video test file no problem.

      When I try to view the file (AVI) with windows media player (v9)
      the video is choppy, and so is the sound. It seems as if there are
      frames missing or something.

      I bought Adobe Premiere Pro (V7) to edit the video, but it is to choppy
      to do anything with.

      Just to test, I used the XP built in Movie Maker 2 and the same results occured.

      Could it be a bad firewire cable, or a bad firewire add-in card?


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      If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro then you should try to capture through that program and not the Canon bundeled software.

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      freeman Wrote:

      If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro then you should try to capture through that program and not the Canon bundeled software.


      I tried the capture in Premiere Pro and had the same results.

      I guess it’s a hardware or a setting somewhere.

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      how fast is your computer? Also check your drive space if you have less than 15% then your drive will perform very poorly and droped frames will result.

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      Don’t expect the video to play real smooth in Windows Media player 9, it’s a big movie file. Are you capturing to a seperate hard drive? Is the speed of the hard drive 7200rpm? You never want to capture straight to the same hard drive as your OS because that puts more strain on the hard drive heads. In a sense it is doing a double duty in keeping the computer going and writing video to any open space. The best thing to do would be to defrag your drive and while that’s going on, go to someone elses computer and see if you can capture good video there. I remeber my friend has a cheap-o miniDV camcorder and it has a lot of problems during capture. But i don’t think that is the case here, but it is certainly a possibility.

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