Choppy audio sometimes when importing from camcorder

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      I have had several times where the audio file gets choppy in places during the import, but when I check the original audio on the tape, it’s fine.

      Do you have any idea why that might be happening? Background program or something? I am using a high end computer 9GB of RAM and 1 TB RAID and high end graphics card, so computer speed doesn’t seem to be the problem.

      Interested in what you think. Thanks.

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    are you importing via firewire or usb?

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    I am importing by firewire.

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    what kind of files are you importing? i.e. dv-avi, mpg2, avchd, hdv….

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    Though 9 GB of RAM on a 1 TB drive is highly extensive, the processing speed of your computer might be the very problem. If you’re running multiple processes (programs) while importing, then closing all other processes might be the answer. Furthermore, what speed andtype of processor are you using? This may be a trickery problem do to an issue with the “capture preview”. The real time audio output might get distorted while the actual import process remains intact. Have you tried capturing segments and re-playing?

  • Viewing 4 reply threads
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