choppy audio on VX200 playback

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      I cannot seem to solve an audio problem on my VX2000. I taped a buddy’s wedding and need to put together a DVD however the audio is choppy. I have been to several sites trying to figure it out and this is what I have found so far. I thought it was a Mac problem but my macbook pro is brand new.

      It is not the tapes. I have tested it with expensive tapes and cheap tapes and the same thing happens.
      I have recorded on 16 bit audio which worked fine originally.
      I have cleaned the heads.
      I have not messed around with anything else.

      What can it be? Is it the equipment? Do I need new heads? What is the process for that? How expensive is that? I got my camera while ago and it has performed great for the past few years, like 7 years now.

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      Hey There; This may be a useless question, but have you tried downloading the video to a different computer? PC or MAC? I would assume that you mean that the audio is choppy on the master tapes. If the masters are choppy, then I would be looking at the camera. I imagine the repair would involve the audio circuitry on the camera…which cannot be cheap. Good Luck.

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      I know from editing that with that camera there is the chance of clipped audio.

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      I’m not sure what “choppy audio” consists of, but the first suspect would have to be the microphones. Did it sound “choppy” while you shot it? I take it that is sounds choppy on playback through headphones and on a TV. Do you have access to any other deck to test the tape? Do you have a tape you recorded earlier that worked well so you can see if it still sounds good? If not, then you would not have been able to try capturing a known good tape, so you have no way of knowing what the camcorder can actually do now. You say it can’t be your new laptop, so you have successfully captured video from another tape or camcorder?

      Try doing some troubleshooting to narrow down where the problem is happening. It doesn’t sound like you have tried different mics, different audio in settings or even recording from an AV source into the camcorder to determine if all the audio is “choppy” or some sources work better than others. But to do much useful troubleshooting, you’re going to need another deck.

      Let us know how the troubleshooting goes. Step one has got to be isolating the problem. Good Luck.

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