Choosing which video editor to go with.

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      Im looking to start editing some simple clips of my car to make some sort of a short movie video clip.

      Which video editor should i go with I currently have a macbook pro with movie maker. It looks like the best editor in the app store would be Final cut Pro. What do you guys feel about that program? Would you suggest any other progtram? THANKS

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      ” . What do you guys feel about that program? “

      . . it would seem to make sense due to your choice of hardware . . . if it has enough horsepower to run FCP.

      ” Would you suggest any other progtram? “

      My preferencewas tochoose a professional qualityNLE which required the least amount of transcodingof the originalfootage shot, in order to begin editing.You probably don’t want to dive right into an expensive NLE, preferring to dip your toes into an entry level editor first. . . but learningthe entry level editor will naturally steer you into its pro level cousin. I could be wrong ( frequently have proven to be ), but I feel the Adobe NLE to be the most hassle-free system which accomodates the widest range of camera codecs w/o transcoding before editing.

      Rick Crampton

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      download the trials of every mac nle you can find and see which one works the way you think.

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