Choosing a cam between 4 and 6K

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      I need a professional video camera for making a wedding, documentary and several shorts films.
      I’m clueless when it comes to tech. I’d like to spend between $4,000 and $6 0000 but can spend a little more if it’s absolutely necessary.

      From what I’ve read, I think I want a Flash base camera with low light capabilties and able to tackle flashes in wedding.

      Idealy if there`s an HD-SDI out for multicam operation it will be great. I dont really care about the form factor (handheld or shoulder)

      Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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      Panasonic HPX170.

      Records DVCProHD, which is a professional I-frame codec

      Records to P2, 64GB cards are only $1000 and have 5 year warranties

      HD-SDI output

      Less than $4200 on B&H! I do not understand why this camera is so cheap, but it is, and it’s a hell of a camera.

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      Also take a look at the JVC GY-HM100U. Small, shoots multiple format (1080i/p and all flavors of 720p) is solid-state like you want but uses much less expensive SDHC cards (with two slots) and the cam is under $4k so you can spend the rest on a decent tripod, bag, extra batteries, 32 or 64GB cards and some filters!

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      If you’re looking to do weddings – Make sure the camera functions well in low light conditions as you don’t always have the option of lighting in wedding situations (ceremony). The old Sony VX-2100 used to be the wedding camera of choice (1 lux rating) but I don’t know what modern camera has risen to take it’s place – Perhaps some of our wedding/event folks will chime in here.

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      Grinner Hester

      RED scarlet.

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      What about the Sony NX5U?

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      Well has as see, there’s no clear choice, every one has there own prefs.

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      … own prefs.

      It is pretty much a personal choice. You have people that stay with one brand, Panasonic, JVC, Sony, etc. (Think Ford, Chevy, VW, Mercedesowners.)

      Then there are those that choose because different cameras have different performance capabilities. Some work well in low light others do not. Some have more auto features while other have more manual. You have CMOS verses CCD, both have their quirks. You have 1 chip verses 3 chip. you have actual chip size, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 etc. You then have the storage media, tape, flash memory, etc. You have capture format, AVI, MPEG2, AVCHD, etc. Some of which need above average PCs and software to be able to edit.

      Then you have people that can make that $500 camera give you “knock you socks off” video better then another with a $5000 camera because they know their limitations, and how to work within them,as well ashow to make the tools work. Too many people believe tools makes the craftsman when in reality it is the other way around.

      So yes it is very much a personal choice making it virtually impossible to get one answer to your question.

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      Well since there are many opinions, im gonna just try and narrow it down and go with Rob and say HPX-170…great cam with HD-SDI as requested.

      You won’t be disappointed…

      The P2 cards can get a lil expensive but the price has come down almost half with the newer E series cards.

      The time-code on these cameras can also be easily synced together via firewire instead of a time-code generator; a nice lil feature that will come in handy if you are gonna have those multi-cam shoots as you mentioned.

      A great camera…I love it

      There are also the DSLR’s that will give you a great cinematic picture but just be careful, they still have their limitations. We have to remember that they are still 1-chip cmos’s and record in a highly compressed format and can have rolling shutter issues at times….but they’re still magnificent for shooting certain events (primarily short films) if you know what you’re doing. They are also relatively inexpensive for the quality and DOF that can be achieved, leaving room to buy more goodies.

      Note that the DSLR’s aren’t ideal for multi-cam shoots and do not have HD-SDI.

      If none of these are for you than it might just be time to go Red.

      Best regards,


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