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      I have started an internet based movie project where the viewer decides what happens next. From the first episode viewers vote on what happens next. Each week, whichever option gets the most votes becomes the next step in the developing story line. Right now I am provding the options but plan to get feedback from viewers on what they would like to see happen. Please visit my website and participate in the project. The website is\

      Leave me comments at the site or here. Feedback and ideas are much appreciated.

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      hey, this is really cool. i love the idea.

      the only thing i would add is that there really is no consequence to either decision. it’s pretty much 50/50, without any true feeling behind either. i think this might make your users get bored. either decision seems inconsequential.

      how about stay in bed or get up? or: you’re late! answer ringing phone o rignore and get in shower.

      you’ve gotta have tension.

      have you ever done any book trailers?

      seems like s/g you’d be interested in 4 sho-

      it’s book trailer contest – create a 30 second trailer for sarah langan’s new book the missing. winner gets an iphone. you should enter and win!

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      Thanks Ladeeda. I know the first options were pretty basic. I do plan to create consequences for the choices people make. I will work on phrasing the options to give it more tension. Anyone else have ideas please let me know.

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      cool. if you have thoughts ab the trailer challenge, you should post about it or in the thread.

      spread the word and such.

      and that makes sense- first options probably do have to be more basic.

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      Hey JC, love the idea. In fact thats something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I used to love the choose your own adventure books when I was a kid. Maybe you could pick up one of those books (if you already havnt) and use it as a guideline. Good Luck.

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      I have posted the second installment of my blossoming saga. Check it out, vote and subscribe to the feed.

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      Did this project ever become a reality?

      I bought a similar DVD recently. So far it’s been fun.

      I’ve seen a few series like this on Youtube, too.

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      Videomaker forums FAQ – C. Fulton,

      “Generally speaking, if a thread has been inactive for longer than three months, adding a new post to the thread is frowned upon.”

      Really digging deep to resurrect something from two years ago. I’m sure you had a strong interest in seeing what comes next πŸ˜‰

Viewing 7 reply threads
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