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      Hi all, I’m new and have alot to learn so forgive my ignorance.

      My wife and I will be traveling to Alaska on Vacation, China on business and we ski alot and have been trying to move to a ski town. I am contemplating a prosumer camcorder to use for our own stuff but also to make some extra money. Was thinking I could possibly sell some HD footage from Alaska and China and possibly make DVD’s for families of their vacation ski trips (possible way to move to ski town).

      Where might I look for leads into selling footage from China and Alaska?

      I am considering the Sony HVR-V1U and HDR-FX-7 and the Pany AG HVX200 as platforms on which to launch. I realize there is a host of editing and production issues and other equipment necessary and I’ll read and then get into that on the hardware forums.

      I have some professional photography experience and education so I’m not a total novice to a viewfinder. We ski pretty well by eastern US standards and I can ski and film at the same time. Will be asking about steadycam type stuff later as well for this purpose.

      Anybody give ski videos a try yet?


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      Yep, I’ve done several ski vacation type videos. The only thing you need to watch out for is camera damage. As far as holding while skiing, that’s no problem and your shots should be pretty smooth. I have used a stabilizer bracket a few times and that works great. I call it the doggy cam. It’s basically a bent tube with a camera mounting plate on the end. When you ski with that, you can hold the camera cown by your ski tips or out to your side about at knee height. Makes a nifty shot. The’re not that expensive either.

      What ever camera you get, keep it protected from moister, and the cold. Don’t forget the condensation in the lense when you go inside for a coffee.

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      I’m also curious about travel documentaries, etc. My wife and I travel alot as well, and would love to share our experiences. Profit wouldn’t hurt either.

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      Ok, travel update. We may go with friends to St. Petersburg first, then take the TransSiberian Railroad across Russia, and then down to Bejing and Hong Kong then fly home. Probably literally around the world.

      Would love to find some kind of prearrangement to buy footage before we go. We won’t travel until next summer at the earliest on that.

      Any thoughts?


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      Back in the early 80’s I attended Rochester Institute of Photography for 2 years in pursuit of a degree in photography. I realize photography and videography are different but you will admit there is overlap with regards to composition etc. Every time I attend a family event that somebody wants to record, it seems I get somebody’s camcorder shoved in my hands because I can keep it reasonably steady. I don’t swing it around like a club and I don’t zoom in and out and make the audience puke. I can actually compose an image within a frame as well.

      I certainly wouldn’t but the camcorder and get on the plane with the idea of reading the manual on the way. I would do some field shooting to "simulate" what I might hope to encounter on the trip.

      I ran a successful business for 13 years and sold that business….one of the reasons I can travel. I’m just saying there is some grey matter between the ears.

      On the other side. I certainly know I am new. I like your brain surgery analogy. I would certainly expect anyone buying any footage to have a clause in the contract that might "oversimplisticly" say something like "subject to review and approval" Another would be buying a very fast car to race with and expecting me to both race and run the pit crew. I have to learn to drive and change the oil and work my way through the technical aspects.

      I’m just looking for some ideas as to what type of revenue I might generate with this idea and what might be expected. If it works, great… If it doesn’t fly, that’s ok too.

      Any help from this venue would be appreciated. When I get some downtime, I backload the knowledgebase by reading as many posts as I can and try and figure out everything people are talking about.

      Ah well, gotta go… I got a quadruple bypass to go perform and I gotta read that Biology 101 book. πŸ˜‰

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