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      I don’t usually average 3 hours a day on Youtube but I have for the last approximate 5 days. Earlier this morning (many hours ago) I discovered that YouTube now places an avatar, your avatar, next to every comment you make. The picture they use for an avatar is the still image you have in the profile section of your Youtube channel.

      The funny thing is that the avatars would not show up in Chrome (Google owns YouTube and Chrome). The same thing can be said for IE , Opera and Maxthon. As of this morning (8.28.11) the avatars were visible only in Firefox (which is a nice little gift when you consider FF has crashed on me more times in the last week than it has in the last several years).

      Avatars at YouTube, that’s a pretty big change, who woulda thought YouTube would do that? The first few avatars looked like pictures of real, average people.

      At first I was a little stunned by that. I thought perhaps Google might have just implemented a new rule requiring the user to use a real, DMV-like portrait as an avatar. The avatars seemed to be just the right size, not too big and not too small, though that opinion is based on a quick and unreliable first impression as I was busy working.

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