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      Okay, it’s not a “moving pictures” kindof filmtoy, butit is a filmtoy :-P.

      Ibought myself an Olympus OM1 35mm SLRcamera with 3 lenses (24mm wide prime, 50mm prime, and 70-150mmzoomtelephoto).

      I foundit on Craigslist lookingfor a broken 35mm SLR with theidea that I’d turn itintoa 35mm adapter for mycamera.The onlyproblem withthis,is the guy said he hadn’tused it in 10years and wasn’t sure if itworked… well itworks beautifully! Now I don’t wantto mangle itinto an adapter :-P.So I guess I have a new SLR to play with. In any case I got a good deal with it, so I’m very happy and now plan to use it to understand film better. πŸ™‚

      BTW, the wierd lookingthing on the50mmprime (lensin the center) isa UVfilter that is a bitmangled, notthelens itself. And that boxis aset ofclose-up lenses (+1, +2, +4).

      Edit: okay try #2atposting the image…

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      Okay…thisisreallydisappointingthatthe image stuff isn’t working…maybethis linkwill work?

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      Very cool toy – sorry your link wouldn’t just go through easily for you – have fun with it

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