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      Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I asked for quick help with techniques and ideas shooting a wedding. Your responses are really appreciated.

      Anyway, Everything went pretty well and I have completed the Highlight film of the wedding.

      The link is below. As I’m sure you understand, I had to compress it way down, so there is a considerable loss of quality here. You can’t see some of the the white flash transition effects and some of the voice over audio is hard to hear…. but you can get an idea of what I did.

      Please give me honest feedback. I want to learn more from your expertise.

      Thanks again!

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    Thanks Hank.

    To answer your questions about the audio. I had a Lav on the groom which got him and the bride nicely. The audio in the church was REALLY good so my camera mics picked up the rest… and it was pretty good. I think I will mic the pastor next time because I probably won’t be as lucky with the church sound system. But this time it worked nicely.

    As far as the "money shots"….. I’m not as happy as I would like to be with those shots. I was running around CRAZY before the wedding so I didn’t get to spend as much time with the bride as I would have liked… but the stuff I did get should be OK.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks for the kind words.

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    Hey Mark, I thought it was pretty good! What program, and what type of video camera was used? I’m sure you got some great pats on the back. I never done a wedding with video, so to me it was great. I mostly shot with 35mm before the digital came out.

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    It is not bad at all. I liked some shots: necklace through the veil, bride by the blinded window, ceremony coverage overall.

    Since you have asked for critique, I would suggest to complete camera movement, such as zoom, pan or tilt. For example, you have started on bride holding her hands together, then started tilting down and stopped right away. Either stay on static shot or keep moving up until you complete the the movement on her face. Same with the zoom. You started on a wide shoot, started zooming in and stopped movement. Don’t abrupt, complete.

    And I did not get that bee as an opening sequence, was that a metaphor for the groom as an insect and the bride as a flower, or vice versa?

    Shoot-It-Yourself Wedding Video Guide

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    can i ask what you charged for that vid?

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    Sorry for the slow reply.

    Faq, The bee was the first thing I ever filmed with a 3ccd camera. It was outside the church and I was doing some b-roll stuff. Just got lucky with the bee flying in. The bride and groom loved it.

    Since it was the first thing that I shot, I am going to combine a logo with that shot and use it as my trademark and put it as an entry to every one of my vids.

    On the cost question, this was the first one that I did…. So I took some advice and did this for free. The Bride and Groom loved it and have already starting referring me to people. And, they are wanting to pay me to do some other stuff for them. So I think it is paying off.

    I am giving them the highlight video, a ceremony video and a reception video. I also did a photo montage that included some home video of theirs as well. To be honest, I don’t see that many people in Houston doing real quality work…. and the people that do, get a nice chunk of change for it ($4000-$5000 and more). I expect that I will come in somewhere just under that… but not much. I plan to establish the reputation that I ONLY will do 1st class nice weddings and won’t do the cheap ones…. We’ll see what happens.


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    Great video , like the mix of shots, it adds some personal touches. What cameras do you use and what pc or software to edit. I am looking at purchasing some equipment for my church to do our weddings and church services. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    My first professional job is coming up in June. Weddings are not what I got into video for, but I am happy to include it in my services.

    I have been getting advice that audio is of premium importance. So I puchased a lavalier, a shot gun mic and an XLR adaptor that will also act as a mixer. I am a part-timer with four children, so I have to build up my equipment slowly.

    My job in June is a one camera shoot – I know it is not optimal, but it is all they will pay for. How do you approach the bride about capturing those prep shots?

    By the way, Mark. Your highlights video was terrific. I am curious regarding the "C" word with respect to the music. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want. A lot of people don’t seem to want to talk about it, but it is an issue I struggle with.

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    I’ve thought a lot of shooting weddings, special events…that kind of thing but I think my only concern is getting someone who no matter what you do, won’t be happy with your material. But I guess that just comes with the teritory or any job for that matter. Have you ran into this problem? Another question I have is, about half-way through, you use a "flash to white" transition. What program are you using for that? I have been desperatly looking for that transition. For use with "flashbacks".
    Again, good job. Good luck with future endeavors.

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    No special program our transition for flash to white. I created it on my own with a simple white screen and quick disolve. It’s easy to create.

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