Cheapest Way to Mic & Mix 2 Subjects for Interview?

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      I will be doing a video shoot soon, interviewing two people. Am shopping for a camcorder now; thinking of either a Sony or Canon prosumer model (possibly hard-disk based, definitely HD).

      Would I need to bring along a mixer if I bought two clip-on microphones? What would be some good brands to look for for clip-on mics, and what should I run the mics into? I assume I can’t go straight into the camcorder, since there’d be two plugs, so I’d have to mix somehow first. Suggestions / advice appreciated.

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      If you’re looking for the easiest and most cost-effective answer:

      Purchase two Audio-Technica ATR35s lavalier mics – $30.00/each or less

      Purchase a 1/8″ splitter from radio shack

      Plug both mics into the splitter and splitter into your cam – no mixer needed.

      I do it almost every day and never have any issues.

      Others may disagree.

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      Interesting. I was thinking about a splitter but I thought it might mess with the audio quality or reduce power to each mic.

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      There’s a vast number of “Lavalier Duo”systems (ok maybe that’s not the name if it’s restricted to only dynamic mic sets) that include two microphones and allowtwo signals to feed into the receiver, both ending up in the final mix through an XLR or 1/4” output. If it’s two single-pass sytems, then I’d go with the splitter option. It seperates the two individual mic signals over each of the camera’s stereo channels.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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