Cheap way to monitor with portable DVD player?

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      I am producing a 2 hour multi-media show with video throughout the show. The video is displayed on projector screens. We use DVD players for the show as we have found these to be the most reliable, durable, and inexpensive to replace if stolen. We have been using a remote control to que the videos, but do not have a way to monitor the video other than what is output on the screen (this is what the audience is seeing). I have been looking for a cheap way to monitor the video before it goes to the LCD projector while on stage. I have looked at portable 7" screen DVD players. This looks like it will work as most of them do have a video out. My question is; If the video signal is sent to some other source will the portable DVD player still display the image? Or is there still some cheaper way to do what I am trying to do?

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      I have tried to use a portable DVD player before as a monitor and it did not work. If I am not mistaken ( and I probably am) you need a video in NOT a video out which the portable DVD players have. The only other cheap way I know of is to buy a off brand TV from wall-mart and use it.

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      Thanks for your reply…
      Many of the portable players have a video out, either 1/8 inch out or S-video out (more expensive ones). The problem I am predicting is that you can get the player to play and send the signal to another device (TV, Monitor, LCD Projector) but not get a signal to the player’s screen at the same time. Does anyone know of a player that will send a signal to a device (video out) while also displaying the signal image on the player’s screen thus using the player’s screen as a monitor for what is being shown?

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      If anyone wanted to know Polaroid has a portable DVD player for $130 at Target, I got mine on sale and some Targets are putting htem on clearance.

      Anyway, they have video in and out and I use them for my live switch events. The picture on it is GREAT.

      Hope this can be of some help.


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