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      On ebay you can buy batteries for the GL2 for a fraction (20%) of the regular Canon batteries. Does anybody have experience with these batteries? Are they good? Will they work? Are they a scam? Might they damage the camera?

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      Since nobody mentioned an answer to this (and mods, maybe there’s a better category for this thread to be moved to?), I’ll throw in my experience.

      Generally speaking, I love those cheap Ebay batteries. I bought three of the super high capacity units for my GL-2, and I have absolutely no complaints about them whatsoever. They don’t hold as much of a charge for quite as long as the authentic Canon batteries, but frankly, the price difference more than makes up for that. I got three brand new batteries for less than the cost of one authentic Canon battery in the next smaller size.

      That being said, I bought a cheapo ebay charger once, and I was very unhappy with it. And of course, never buy a used camcorder that you can’t physically touch and inspect, unless you’re only buying it for the parts. It’s a bad idea. So, for those of you keeping score:

      Item Buy it on ebay?

      Camcorders No
      Batteries Yes
      Chargers No

      As far as other stuff, play it by ear and use common sense. Filters, wind screens, accessories in general are probably safe to buy. I avoid stuff like microphones, because they can be sensitive. Tripods are a toss-up for me, because on one hand, what reason could anyone have for selling a bogen 503 head on a nice set of sticks unless something was wrong with it. But on the other hand, it’s probably still at least as functional as the crappy $100 tripods I see too many people buying.

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      Many thanks 9belatedly) for your valuable reply about batteries on E-bay.
      Best wishes.

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