Cheap 5 multi-cam set-up with Sync

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      AvatarLeif Sundstrup

      I want to use 5 video cameras in sync to film an orchestra conductor from various angles. The quality must be good (there will be ample lighting) but no necessarily brilliant. I want to know what the cheapest cameras are that can besynced. I will be editing in Vegas Pro 9



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      NO consumer or prosumer cameras can be synchronized (AKA Genlock). I’ve shot a lot of multi-camera performances and I’ve never *needed* genlocked cameras – and my clients would never pay the cost of renting them.

      I just find a report (camera flash, snare drum hit, etc) that all three cameras capture, and line them up on the timeline. More recently, I’ve been using singular Software’s “Plural Eyes” to perform my syncs for me.

      I recommend upgrading to Vegas Version 10 during the upgrade discount period.

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