Charge for using royalty-free music?

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       Do any of you charge for using royalty-freemusic from your paid for library?

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      My fees include royalty free music from my library, and any other royalty free assets I may include in the project (stock video and stills, fonts, graphics, etc…).

      What I do do is charge more for certain assets to be included (cost of acquisition, freshness, type of asset, time it takes me to find/extract, etc… – what I call “premium” vs. “standard” services).

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       Good to know.  You’re a gentleman and a scholar…but don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone πŸ˜‰

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      Like Birdcat, we build in charges for everything we do. It’s transparent; the customer never is aware of it. It’s simply included in our hourly rate for the job at hand.

      When I purchase buy-out music — so-called “royalty free music — I calculate it’s value (not its cost) like this: I paid $50 for the disc; I anticipate using excerpts from it at least 8 times a year and I’d like to amortize the cost over two years. So I divide the $50 by 16 and come up with a value of about $3.15 per use. I add on a roughly 40% markup for profit to the business and add a total of $4.50 to the client’s bill. This is, of course, exclusive of labor involved in including the music in the final edit.

      I have found that for our company, during its 14 years of business, this is a pretty good method of amortizing the cost of anything we purchase, whether it’s a camera, a disc printer or buy-out music.


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      Some of the producers that use my music will actually have the client pay for it. This way they get the license directly so they do not have any concerns.

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