Charge For Live Feed at a Corporate Event?

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      Hey Guys,

      So I’ve got a client who is tying down a contract with my production company for their corporate conference where they will have 12 general sessions on a stage with a speaker and a power point presentation for each one. My company will be capturing all 12 of these sessions and everything is solid.

      Simple stuff. We’ve done this for years now.

      However, today I received an “oh by the way…” email from my client, all of a sudden asking me if it were possible to “stream a live feed of my camera to the projectors on either side of the stage”.

      Granted, this isn’t much of a problem since I’m shooting with a Panasonic HMC-150, which has outputs for this sort of thing, however, this was never discussed in the original quote.

      My question is this:

      A) Should charge for this service?

      B) And if so, how much I should charge per general session?

      Any advice would be much appreciated as we are trying to tie down these contracts in the next coming days.

      Thanks in advance, guys!

      Jonathan Acosta

      (404) 625-1834 ACOSTA PRODUCTIONS

      Owner | Director | Video Producer

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      I get $550 per two-hour session for satellite feed to an auxiliary location, and $350 per two-hour session for same room.

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      [quote=EarlC]I get $550 per two-hour session for satellite feed to an auxiliary location, [/quote]


      I have a question if you don't nind me asking, how can you pull a profit at that rate? Between renting the SNG truck and operator and blocking two exclusive hours of Ku transponder time I see a loss and a major one at that.





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