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      Is there any way to lower or raise the size of a clip in a FCP project, rather than wireframe zooming?……….for instance, with a picture file, you can change re-size the file in the photo editor.

      I have a few clips that were shot way too wide & too close. I need to somehow re-size them. If I use the motion/wireframe on them to zoom them in smaller, they violate the ‘title safe’ area.


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      Maybe you could clarify your question. What do you mean "If I use the motion/wireframe on them to zoom them in smaller, they violate the ‘title safe’ area. " Specificly what do you mean it "viloates the safe area" Do you mean it is smaller than the safe area or larger?

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      Thanks for the reply. I meant that the clips were smaller than the ‘safe area’.

      I was also told at the Creative Cow forum that it is impossbile to reduce the clip size & that I should just shoot the clips over, which I can’t do.

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      They are very correct. The software cannot create what you did not shoot. Good luck.

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      < you want to reduce the clip size, but you’re losing picture area in doing so, which makes the viewable area smaller than your safe areas – is that right? >

      That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I apologize for not being able to articulate the question more clearly.

      Regarding the ‘picture in picture’ idea, ya know Hank?…..It’s guys like you that makes it worth posting such a seemingly meaningless question on this & other forums, knowing that one is going to get the chuckles & snide remarks. Your suggestion is an excellent one & a great idea to possibly get around my poorly shot footage.

      Your suggestion is also why I value these forums. Not everyone here is a seasoned professional videographer & such suggestions encourages those who are not to further explore this wonderful medium.

      I kind of figure that if I’m able to re-size a large picture in Photoshop or in the cheapest photo editor, that I should be able to do the same with a video clip. Since I am not, your suggestion turns out to be a more interesting option.

      You are to be commended & thanks so much for the suggestion.

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      Thanks again for the advice Hank.

      Yes…. I was referring to mainly other forums I am a member of……..but even comments like "The software cannot create what you did not shoot" is obvious & in my opinion didn’t need to be said, unless of course the sentence was ammended with HELPFUL options, like what you posted in your response.

      This, to me is one of the key benefits of being connected with these forums…. an insightful exchange of valuable information, especially to those that don’t know as much as the seasoned veterans on these forums.

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      Can you post a sample of the clip in question so I can see what you’re talking about?

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