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      I was wondering, is there a way to change the frame rate to 24 fps in Adobe Premiere? If so, can you give me step by step instructions? I’d be greatly thankful.

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      You can convert a regular video clip to work on a 24fps timeline by simply exporting the clip as a "23.98fps" clip from your standard timeline. THis will give you the correct frame rate, but will result in incorrect cadence. In short, it won’t look like 24p.

      For a better effect, you can use After Effects. This method, while better, still will not render motion like that of a camera that recorded video at 24 fps.

      Good luck!


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      Jesus, you weren’t kidding. I exported it from Premiere, and it was awful! Instead of holding on occasional frames, it would actually backtrack and start forward again. It was like watching a movie that hasn’t finished buffering.

      I know it’s hard to post simulate 24 fps, but I can’t afford a 24 fps progressive camera. Those are like 3,000 dollars!!!

      I’ll try AE…

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