Change sizing of video output

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I have sony vegas pro and would like to take a video that is 720x480 and make it 400x180. But in doing so take only some of the video , so in effect cropping it horizontally. And when it is rendered to new video type, then it wont have black edges etc around video.

can this be done and if so how??


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It is not the video that puts the black edges (letterboxing) there but what you are using to play it.

As for cropping in Vegas, the best and easiest way I've found is to use track motion - Just size to your requirements, position and that's it. The nice thing about track motion is you can also use keyframes to move the visible box around and TM will create all the interim keyframes needed to make it a smooth transition.

Also, don't forget to use your size requirements (400 X 180) when you render.

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