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      Hi to everyone,

      Is there an easy way to change the faces or a selected item on a video? If yes what is the program i have to buy or download if it’s freeware.

      It’s for fun.

      Thanks for your help

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      You would need a morphing plugin for your software. Most editing software does not include a morphing effect so it has to be purchased from a 3rd party. Most 3rd party plugins are expensive, especially the good ones like morphing. Once you have the plugin, morphing can be a little time consuming and tedious if you want it to look good.

      There are really cheap jerry rigging techniques you could use, but they are not that easy and will look like crap.

      (eg. Taking two layers of the same video and using a garbage matte to outline the face in the top layer. You can than dissolve the top layer (the outlined face) into another piece of video with a different face. This is not a morph, but it may work for your purposes.

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      What you seem to be looking for is a compositing program like Adobe After Effects. Thats where you can do these kinds of things.

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      Thank you for your response, i’ll try both solutions to check the best one.

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