Ceremony & Speeches- What frame rate? Help please

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      Hi there,

      I will be shooting a wedding coming up. I have the following gear: Sony V1U and Canon 60D. Along with Rode video mic pro and wireless G3 kit. For editing I use a imac and final cut or adobe.

      Now I have been told by some people to shoot everything in 24p. My cameras do that and I would like that for the getting ready footage, reception and other fun parts. However, I’m not sure if I should stick to one frame rate or not?

      The ceremony and speeches were my main concern which frame rate to use?

      Can anyone help me with this?


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      Interlaced scanning was incorporated in the NTSC and PAL standards as a way of doubling the frame rate, without doubling the bandwidth required for analogue TV. Doubling the frame rate minimised flicker when viewing on an analogue glass (CRT) TV receiver. Also 50fps (PAL) and 60fps (NTSC) was adopted to to have the frame rate pretty much locked to the power mains frequency, to minimisehorizontal”hum bars” drifting down the picture on glass TVs.

      Flat panel TVs store picture elements until replaced by the next frame so with LCD or Plasma screens, flicker, the real reason for interlaced scanning, is no longer a real problem. The great majority of the viewers of your wedding video will these days probably have a widescreen plasma or LCD TV,

      Just as we all have transitioned from 4 x 3 to 16 x 9 in my view, so shouldwe move to 1080 or 720p. Unless you know that your audience will be viewing on older generation CRT receivers, there is no reason not to.

      Over the last two or three years everything I have done has been in 24p and I have never had a problem,


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      AvatarJackson Wong

      Dear Jen,

      In case you haven’t read it yet, this one should be interesting,http://www.videomaker.com/article/15368/but to add to iankinnz, I know we shoot in 24p regularly and even teach our Basics of Production class to do it this way. The feel of the video is more like film and so that’s one reason we keep it at one frame rate. I would not recommend mixing frame rates, that can cause your subjects to ghost, butiankinnz is spot on, you want to tailor your video to how your viewers will be watching.

      – Jackson Wong

      Associate Editor

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