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      I recently purchased one of these adapters for my Sony TRV-950E, and I’m wondering if I’ve come up against a limitation of the lens, or I’m not using it properly.

      Basically, I attach the lens after first aligning the viewfinder against a horizontal marker (eg kitchen tiles, mantlepiece). I then rotate the lens until the image is an aligned widescreen of the original image.

      The trouble is that when shooting, if I rotate the camera left and right – ie on the plane through the lens – the image seems to skew like a parallelogram. With this lens, am I unable to rotate the camera (such as to create a canted frame)? Or do you think this is a problem with my setup?

      If my setup is right, it seems to me that this lens is useless when not used with a tripod.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond.

      Kind regards,

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      Well, let me start by saying that I’m not familiar with either your camcorder or your anamorphic adapter. That said, it sure seems like something is rotating independently of the camcorder. When you tilt the camcorder to the side, does the anamorphic adapter tilt with the camera, as if the two were one solid mass? Or does the adapter slip?

      If the adapter seems to be solidly fixed to the camcorder, look into the adapter while rotating it, and see if there’s an optical element inside the adapter that has come loose and is rotating independently.

      One more thing: Ignoring the anamorphic adapter for the moment…. does the front of the camcorder lens rotate when it is being focussed?

      Ken Hull

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      Dutching left and right will make it appear that way when you use the lens, as you are recording anamorphic. When you stretch the 4:3 to 16:9, it should look normal. [Try it out]

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