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      I have a cheap sony camcorder and when I play the videos back on tv it looks good! When imported to computer it looks bad and edges are jagged and images are not crisp and everything appears to have like a white haze and colors are not sharp.

      Bassically everything looks cheap… I have premier cs3 and any advice on how to make images look crisp will be nice and how to get rid of the dull looks and the white mist – daylight and indoors have the same looks.

      Basically I need a guide on how to turn cheap camcorder footage into documentary style clear footage for playback on computers using premier cs3 – is there a guide online?

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      oh. em. gee.

      Computer monitors do not display video properly. You need to use an external monitor – a broadcast monitor or TV if you can not afford a broadcast monitor.

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      You can take away from the quality of the footage going into your editing system, but you cannot increase the quality of the footage. No available editing system or software is capable of addressing the “garbage in, garbage out” realities of your footage – cheap camera or no.

      And, as Rob notes, computer monitors display your NTSC footage differently from broadcast or standard television feeds. There’s a difference, and while computer monitor displays can exhibit some seriously pristine images depending on their resolution and the image/camera/record medium quality, it is much more accurate to use a monitor built on DTV display standards to correctly assess the quality of your production.

      Even with audio monitors in the thousand dollar range, computer monitors that cost upwards of a couple grand, and all the other elements we utilize to ensure that what we see is what is there, just as in the old analog days the great common denominator is the home television or entertainment center – compter based, or otherwise. That is why after color correction, broadcast monitor reviewing and hearing our audio on outstanding quality monintors, we also drag it to the least quality unit in the house to check and see what the consumer is going to see.

      There are exceptions in this industry – entertainment, commercial, broadcast, cablecast, etc. but by and large in MY productions I am trying to please the everyday individual/family consumer who is limited in their professional assessment and discernment of my production by the quality (or lack thereof) of their home entertainment setup.

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      This could also be affected by the display settingson your computer. To ensure the best picture display, I have my color option set to 32-bit Color. You should also be aware of the capture settings – video format, resolution, etc. All video that is captured will be converted according to the options selected.

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      Thanks for the above.

      The problem is the end user is actually going to view the footage on computers in avi or dvd vob files. So, the jagged edges need to be removed and the mist needs to be removed.

      I tried using avisynth yesterday and got to a considerable extent reductions in the above. I think it might be something to do with deinterlacing and noise.

      Can premier cs3 replicate this to a better degree? If yes, how?

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      Ok, to be a bit critical of Rob above… yes, you are absolutely right that camcorders are and still are primarily designed for the little box we call a tv and as such there will be issues such as horizontal lines etc…

      The solution that was devised many years back was to interpret such data into pixes and this is not a perfect system… ok, but at the same time I think you are a bit quick in discarding my post esp. as I asked and did mention for use on the computer!

      Now I am sure in your considerable experience that you have at one time or the other transferred camcorder footage to your computer and have seen what is in reality the effects of the 2 systems coming together and what that entails.

      Now, it is also possible that I am working in a low budget situation as a foreign teacher in Thailand and I need to work with my limitations and within this I need to at the least produce footage that looks clear at avi resolution which is 7xx by 5xx in resolution.

      Now EarlC had the real answer that editing software does not really add anything to footage, but by the use of techniques that a human eye finds more appealling the footage can be downgraded to appear decent and then colour effects etc can be added and even other effects.

      So, I have tried using all the cs3 filters and effects and I have not worked out how to make it look more appealing. Light is there, exposure is ok, focus is ok, but the jagged edges and with certain shiny material the horizontal lines are quite evident, also because it is a cheap camcorder there is the mist or noise.

      I need to reduce as much as possible these jagged edges and horizontal lines and the mist and then I can go onto restoring color.

      If a freebie software such as avisynth can reduce it consideraby then surely premier can to a much better level.

      Anybody know how to do this without telling me to go and buy MGM Studios and all the equipment included?

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      Premiere has deinterlacing and does an excellent job. There are multiple ways to deinterlace the clips, check the help it has very good, detailed instructions.

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