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      I found this site and saw some pretty sweet deals and was wondering about how reliable they are. Does anyone have experience with them, how were they?

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      Yeah, their deals look good on the surface, but the deal stops there. Here’s how they work:

      1. They buy a $2000 camera (for example), the same price you would pay for it if you bought it yourself from areputable dealer.

      2. They open the box, remove all of the parts that come with the camera (battery, remote, strap, charger, manuals, PC drivers, memory cards, LENSES, etc…)

      3. They advertise the "Camera" for $1800, seemingly $200 less than everywhere else on the net.

      4. Once you buy the camera, they call you to tell you that to get the lens/battery/strap/manual/etc, you need to buy the items that came with the camera seperately, for a total of, say, $1000 more. Otherwise, you’ll have a battery-less, charger-less camera that you won’t be able to connect to any device or use in any way.

      5. If you do eventually get the camera, because the kit was opened, you ca’t register the product legally, nor will you qualify for any factory incentives (i.e. mail-in refunds such as the ones for the GL-2 that take place every so often).

      6. You wound up actually paying $800 more for the camera than you would have if you had gone to a reputable place, such as B&H, whose prices are about as good as they come.

      I discussed tis site in another thread, found here.

      Here were my comments then, which still hold true:

      How can I make this one clear enough…


      Seriously, check out their reviews at Reseller Ratings.

      Tese guys sell what’s called grey market goods. They buy a camera,probably from B&H or some other respectable service. Tey then strip down the camera. When you order, all that you’re going to get is the camera body itself. No battery, no cables, no remote. They probably won’t even give you the lens hood!

      This is, of course, technically illegal if the product is being sold as "new", since Canon only sells the camera as a kit to legitimate resellers.

      Look at the reviews. Over 70 people have reviewed these guys, and most of them were screwed in the most nasty ways imaginable.

      If you buy from them, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.


      PS – Don’t bother trying to get a refund if you do buy this thing. Grey market dealers will use the "RMA" hassle to prevent you from getting your money back.

      Do I make myself clear enough? πŸ˜€

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      HOLY COW!!!!

      Those are HORRID comments! I wonder if they have just one satified customer.

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      thanks for the good replies guys and I may rethink this through. I just thought it might be too good to be true. I thought this considering the Panasonic Dvx 100B is $1,449 right now on their site. And even if its coming without anything, that is much lower than most sites’ $3,000.

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      I wonder if this would be worth while:

      A few visits by the FBI should be the cure!

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