Ccd-trv 128 Parts Needed Chassis A-7096-426-a!

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      So I bought this CCD-TRV 128 off of ebay and it works great except the guy that I bought it from got a tape stuck in the damned thing and broke the chassis. I knew this when I bought it but I thought that I could just get a part for it. The repair shop is trying to charge me an exorbitant amount to get it fixed (because they have to order new parts) but I asked them if I could get my own parts on here and have them install them to save some cash and they agreed…

      SO, does anyone have any parts for a CCD-TRV 128 Chassis or a chassis that will fit the CCD-TRV or a junk camera of this type that will accommodate the same part or that has the same part.

      The exact name of the part is an "A-7096-426-A Chassis."

      Thanks for any and all help.

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