CAUTION: DRIVE FAILURE-Seagate – 1 TB – 7200.11 – ST31000340AS

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      Seagate – 1 TB & 1.5 TB – 7200.11 – ST31000340AS

      This is the drive model with most of the problems but if you look at the links below (on Seagates website) it lists all of the models affected.

      If anyone owns this drive and model number, do your research now. There is a firmware related failure called being BRICKED.

      The SMART software built into the drive (to detect problems) screws up and writes a miscellaneous equation during startup. This is caused by the drives firmware. Because of this there has been a 40% failure rate on these drives.

      The drive may work fine for 3 months or 1 year. But as soon as this happens, the data will be inaccessible and the drive has been effectively been BRICKED.

      If you have a drive that has not failed yet:

      Good for you. You are very lucky. There is a firmware update available at the links below as well as instructions on the safe way to do it.

      If your drive has failed:

      And you have determined that it is not physically damaged, Seagate has offered to flash the firmware with the update to get your drive back in working order. Free shipping to and from.

      If the firmware is definitely the issue, the data stored on the drive should still be intact. Once the firmware is flashed the data will be accessible again.

      Article about the issue:

      Models of failed drives and Firmware downloads:

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      WARNING: Read all the entire knowledge-base page before downloading and running the update. Use their “Drive Detect” tool AND confirm that you need the update.

      In checking my drives I see that I have a couple that fall into this category. My firmware versions are CC prefixed. If I had not read the complete page and just download/run the updates I would have ruined my drives (copy of the warning below).

      Note: If your drive has CC firmware, your drive is not affected and no further action is required. Attempting to flash the firmware of a drive with CC firmware will result in rendering your drive inoperable.”

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      I used to be a big fan of Seagate, but on a build I had 4 drives in a row go down. Even the pro geeks I take units to when I get stumped could only conclude it was just a bad lot. After that I’ve used WD’s since with very little trouble. The only incident was on our latest build 5 raided SATA drives went down due to some goofiness with the mobo connections. WD took ’em back with no prob and replaced them with new units (not referb’s) with updated 3-year warranties. All it cost was the postage to send them back.

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      Good news. I received an email today from Seagate’s data recovery company who is currently in possession of my drive. I have pasted the email below. So should have it by the end of the week with no problem. Thank god! Now I just need to flash my other drive’s firmware so that it won’t crash as well.

      “I wanted to advise you that we’ve confirmed the drive is inaccessible due to the firmware issue you were discussing with Seagate Tech Support.

      At present the drive has been unlocked and the firmware upgraded so it is no longer susceptible to that issue. We’ve made a sector by sector image of your drive to one of our devices both to protect against any potential issue that could arise during return shipping (i.e., lost package) and to check the drive for any other potential issues. There were no issues found and the file system/data have been checked so this should be perfect upon return to you.

      We will ship this out tomorrow via UPS Ground. You can expect arrival in 1 to 5 days.

      NOTE: We will overwrite our copy of your data 14 days after having shipped your drive back so please ensure you have a proper backup in place by that time.”

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