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      Ive got several tapes of footage on a Sony HC21 but I have a major problem when I try to capture. FCE tells me that the tape has dropped frames and it won’t capture. If I unclick the option and allow it to capture footage with dropped frames the program freezes and doesn’t respond.

      What causes this camera to drop frames?
      How can I get around it and still capture the footage?
      Why wont those tapes play in my GL2?

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      Are the tapes re-used over and over? If it’s new tape each time, try running a cleaning tape in the camera. If the tapes won’t play in the GL-2, I suspect a seriously dirty tape transport or a record format issue. Double check ALL camera settings. Watch the time code during tape playback. Do the numbers advance without interuption or do they they reset and start over?

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      No the tapes were all brand new and I totally agree that its a record format issue. When the tapes from m Sony play in the GL2 the screen flickers and at the top a gray bar keeps flashing. I have tried changing settings on it but nothing works. The tapes play perfectly clear on the Sony, but no camera will import the footage. To answer you question about the timecode, it flows perfectly smooth without any interruptions. Even in FCE it plays in the capture window and I can set in and out points, but as soon as I try to capture it tells me that it drops frames. ONLY with stuff off that camera though.

      I had read some people were having problems capturing with certain cameras after updating their OSX software and FCE. Do you know of anything like that affecting the ability to capture footage off of my Son

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      Try a qucik capture in iMovie for a sanity check.

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      All I can think of is the format the tape is recorded in- PAL, SECAM, 16:9, 4:3, interlaced, 24p, etc.

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      are you dropping frames between takes? could be a jump in the TC.

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      Andrew Burke has reminded me about this. I’m not sure if this applies to you, but it’s worth a look


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