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      Catholic Wedding –
      I read where a transmitter can plug into compatible wireless mic systems. During the ceromony the priest is all over the place. I want clear reception of the preist also. Question – Is there a place to plug in a Azden 51XT – UHF Plug-In Transmitter into the priest? Or can the transmitter be pluged into the church PA system?
      Another question- What other options do we have to get sound dirctly from the church sound system? What do I need to buy? I’ve read of others placing a mic near a speaker but getting backgound noise. I’ve never had a problem with video- sound is my only concern.
      My first job was in a church and the audio was horrible becuase of the chuch echo. Sound bouncing around everywhere. I never want this again.

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      First of all the 51XT is designed to except an XLR microphone and transmit to a receiver. XLR plugs are not used as a means of outputting amplified sound. Usually it’s a 1/4″ or 1/8″ pin plug or just bare wires.

      As far as hooking this up to a priest, unless you can convince him/her to hold a mic the whole time thats pretty much a no go. If this is a more modern church then he/she is probably using a wireless mic right now. Dont you have any lavaliere body pack transmitters? Thats what you want to use. The priest might not mind if you stuck another one on him/her. They arent that heavy! X-D Just make sure you dont have any transmitters running on the same frequency.

      As far as your question of plugging into a PA direct, you might run into an issue. All you would get is the priest and anything else that using the churchs PA. I do weddings and to be honest I would never do it but that’s me.

      The whole concept of filming the wedding is to capture it as it naturally happens in its natural surroundings. If you have a decent mic set up and you place them in strategic locations you should have everything you need. Think about this. Youre at the Super Bowl and the crowd is yelling, the cheerleaders are cheering and the band is playing and you wanted to film the sights and sounds of this whole experience but you just plugged into the PA system for audio. What would you have? Just whatever the PA announcer says. No crowd noise, no band, no cheerleaders ect That would sound dead!

      I use at least 2 cameras. I use (2) Azden 200UPR receivers. (one on each camera) This gives me the capability of using 4 wireless transmitters and 4 channels of audio. One camera has the 2 lavaliere mics going to it and the other has two handheld mics on stands stationed somewhere where I feel I will catch the best overall audio. I then put it all together in post. I have never had any problems yet. (knock on wood!) If the church echoes a little bit than thats what you record because thats what actually happened. Its not your fault. Capture it all as it happened.

      I think you would have a hard time getting everyone into a studio for mixing the perfect sound after the wedding is over of maybe have the wedding moved to a sound stage. Load up on the wireless equipment and youll be all set!


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