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      I’m sure Michael York took an objective look at his assessment of the Casablanca editors. But I think he could have done a little more homework. I have used the “Cassies” since 1998 and am still thrilled with them. Yes, they are now big into HD, Internet, etc. and are not about to go away.

      I have produced programming now for 7 years for FOX Sports and the Casablanca has been my editor of choice. I have those who I hire from time to time who use FCP and others and am amazed at how much longer some things take with their systems. And they do great work. But that could be just an operator issue.

      Great magazine, Mr. York. I do get a lot of help from it.

      Danny Jackson, Producer
      Ronnie Kovach’s “Fishing Ventures”
      FOX Sports West Television

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      I’ve used the original Casablanca and a few upgrades over the years. At one time it was my ONLY or primary editing system. Although layering and multi-pass efforts took some rendering time, many of the basic transitions and effects were immediate, making simple productions a breeze. I also owned and have, but rarely used, the black box effort to compete with the original Casablanca, Applied Magic’s Screenplay system.

      Though I do the majority of my work with my buffed up MacPro and Final Cut Pro Studio, and occasionally some very basic, simple productions even using iMovie & iDVD, I continue to hang onto my Casablanca AND the Screenplay because I want a fast, simple, go to backup in the event something wacky knocks me down with my primary system.

      I learned my lesson in my Amiga Toaster/Flyer days when purchase of the original Casablanca was a year out on my game plan, but became immediate when my Amiga system went belly up and NewTek had begun its transition away from the THEN cutting edge capabilities of the Amiga computer system. That Casablanca saved my bacon over six months of a HUGE production schedule I’d originally banked on the Toaster system to see me through.

      So yes, even though there have been MANY iterations of the Casablanca systems since, and many changes in focus, approach, etc. I will use mine as a backup until it no longer functions at all. It gets the job done.

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      Thanks for that good info. Yes, for the most part they have been rock solid machines. HD is something I am just now venturing into and with the new Cassie systems. FOX Sports West has been in no hurry to go to HD, thus I have dragged my feet as well. But now it is time for other reasons.



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      It’s a wonderful introductory NLE, imo. Not unlike Premiere (which is HD friendly today). I produce shows for Fox Sports as well and enjoy their laid back requirements just like you do. That said, HD is just too easy and affordable today not to produce content in HD. Every frame I shoot is in HD regardless of the fullfillment/distribution.

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      Thanks for that. Actually, I am about to invest in my first HD camera and will be doing everything HD in the very near future.

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      The Casablanca service dept has become a Joke. I called them many times and they have no reply. I left my email address, they don’t even have the courtsey to give me an email reply. I will never do business with Casablanca again.

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