Card vs hard drive?

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      New to hd.

      can i ask why i hear guys talking about using their cards instead of their hard drives on their cameras? I would have thought that the hard drive would be better for alot of reasons?

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      unfortunately, accidents happen. there’s always the possibility you can drop your camera, or it will get banged, or it will fall off something, or whatever. If you record to a hard drive camera, and something happens to that camera, you can loose your footage. However, if you record to cards, you could probably throw your camera off a bridge and the footage will still be on the card.

      I don’t know how robust those little SD cards are, but I know P2 cards are very robust and reliable.

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      What Rob said. Anything with moving parts is subject to more accidents due to inadvertent physical abuse and challenges, than something with NO moving parts. There, as usual, will always be issues specific to any media or application, but for the most part, more and more in the industry, IMHO, are leaning toward solid state – both users and manufacturers.

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      thanks, I just thought it was a quality issue thats all.

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