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      Just wanted to get your thoughts… I had my cousin just walk around with a Sony DCR-HC28 and film some stuff and then I cut it up and make a quick preview of the show..

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      I watched the video. It’s OK, so far as simply showing some quick, repetitive stuff during an event, but nothing in the content would COMPELL me to want to order, own or see the potentially longer production. I, if I were a Mustang enthusiast and car show hound, would want something that tells me something.

      I realize you indicated your cousin “just walked around” grabbing some “stuff” but that also implies (on this forum anyway) that all I have reason to expect from the full production is more of the same.

      If you have some extreme close up work of several of the vehicles, if you have owners/enthusiasts/collectors and sexy, pretty women, on interview, or tight shots, if you have people talking about their cars, sharing some history – feature some of THAT in your teaser clip.

      THEN we’d be talking about something that makes me want to order the DVD. I want to know these people, their vehicles and see some up close and exciting action, not a series of crowd shots, wide shots, sweeps and cars arriving, or a few smoking tires on the adjacent roadway.

      Sorry, but you need some up close, intimate stuff – with the cars, their owners and lots, and LOTS of action. Real action, not camera moves from the lower 40. Not enough adrenalin IMHO. And, when it comes to car shows, muscle cars, drag racing and the whole nine yards…sex sells too. That’s why most ads, calendars and car show shots feature a few babes here and there as well.

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      Thank you for the input. We have discussed more and next year will include more shots of the interior of the cars. We have footage of all the cars but only in front of them. We are working on a camera boom and things of that sort to get better shots. Plus we need a better camera then just a sony handycam. Anyone else?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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