Capturing with FCP v6.0 and the GY-HD200U

Anonymous (not verified)

Ok I have a gig to film on saturday and this camera isn't working so hot right now with FCP. I just bought it on Sunday so i'm still learning.

Here's my problem. When I'm capturing it keeps splitting up my clips into smaller ones, and it's also not capturing all of the footage. Veryunreliableat this point.

I shot some test footage in HD720/24P Can someone please let me know the settings I should be using.

I also exported the footage that I got in MP4 format with a H264 conversion. The quality didn't really look much better then my DVX100 and the audio was off. But it wasn't off in my timeline. I'm over my head with this camera. Need to shoot on Saturday and I'm freaking out.

Any advice would be awesome.