capturing with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

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      After capturing 40 or more clips, they do NOT appear in the BIN

      in the order that they were captured. Very time consuming hunting

      for 1- 2- 3- etc. Can this be corrected.

      bill garofalo

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      I believe that the bins display in either alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order because it is the Name colum that sets the order by default. You can set any column to control the order of the clip display, and I believe that there is a column named Creation Date. I don’t remember how detailed the Creation date column is though so it might not list minutes.

      In the future if you are capturing clips that you will want to use in order you can add a number (01, 02, 03, etc.) to the file name and control how they display that way.

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      Thank you Jerron. I will try it on my next capture session. I thought it might be

      My Hard Drive ( Lacie external ) notbeing able to ” keep up” with the large video

      files. I ordered a G-Raid drive to use just for video. I am sure it won’t hurt.

      Bill Garofalo

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