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      When I try to capture my HD footage, the first few seconds is invariably left off. I’m trying to just roll the tape and not log each clip individually, because I’m kind of lazy that way.

      I have my Clip Settings set on “Create new clip on Start/Stop,” but it always takes a couple of seconds while FCP “Searches for new media.”

      This doesn’t happen in SD.

      Do I need to log every clip individually in HD to capture all the footage?

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      A couple things:

      Are you going to an onboard hard drive or an external drive? This may be causing the slight delay as it writes the current video before going to the next.

      Try changing your settings to NOT “create new clip on Start/Stop”. This way it will capture straight through and you can go back and create subclips, then use Media Manage to get rid of all the excess video.

      If you are not familiar with subclips, I would reccomend reading the help file in FCP. Subclips are perfect for doing what you are doing.(capture now – not logging every clip as it is captured)


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      I’ve done it both ways, direct to my MacBook Pro onboard drive and to a LaCie, with the same result.

      Not creating “a new clip on on start/stop” seems to make it worse.

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      Ok. What is your connection to your camera? Firewire-USB-Other?

      If it is taking this long to find new media on every start/stop your only solution may be to do the tedious task of manually logging every clip(tedious if you are lazy like me).

      Start the capture now, let it go for a few seconds, then roll the tape.

      Also, if this persists, try and remember to shoot that way. Always give yourself about 5 -10 sec handles on each shot if possible.

      Sorry I cant be more help, out of ideas without being able to see it in action.

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      Thanks. I’ve adjusted my shooting style to just roll, roll, roll. Kind of like back when I was shooting MII and you couldn’t pre-roll over a field edit. Weird, though.

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