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      I am wanting to capture pictures from video… I am using pinnacle studio version 9 and when i do a capture and save it to disk the picture looks out of focus or kindof fuzzy but in the video it looks great.
      Is there something i need to do different or is there a program that does a better job?

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      studio can make some minor improvements on the stills, such as deinterlacing, color adjust and so. but just leave it to the pro (photoshop) once your grabbed frame is saved in a file.

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      It only happens when I save the pic to disc… If i add it to my movie it is always crisp and clear… I checked the reduce flicker and it is checked.
      is there a better compression format than .bmp ?

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      im using the 640 x 480 and the sony VX-2100 is the camera I have
      thats why I should be getting a better still pic than I am…
      what Im using it for is… after I video a wedding I use a couple of stills of the wedding to print on the dvd box cover…
      I use photoImpression to sharpen the pics as much as possible but they are still lacking…
      also I have tryed the save frame feature in pinnacle edition and I get the same result… thank you for your time

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      PSCS2 has some great sharpening filters, if that’s your issue. After deinterlacing the photo in PS then tweak your sharpening. Use the sharpen edges very lightly so as not to halo the edge and use unsharp to smooth some of the blur cause from deinterlacing.

      Whatever you do keep in mind your final print size. If you intend to print large, then change the image size before applying the filters.

      Check the Layers magazine website for tips on how to do exactly what your asking. I don’t have that magazine with me right now or I’d copy it off for you.

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      Canon XL1S can take stills with video, how do i get them to use in the PC and print them?

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      well its very simple function using presentavid.
      In a thumbnail mode you will see frame by frame so you can save any of it as image… and there are much more features that could be also useful…
      presentavid tool

      good luck

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      scubacat Wrote:

      after I video a wedding I use a couple of stills of the wedding to print on the dvd box cover…

      I suggest taking stills from the wedding photographer. Whenever I’ve played around with stills from video or frame grabs it is never even close to an actual still, especially if you want to make it a bit bigger. This would be the option for me, unless there is no other choice.

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