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      I am just beginning to use a computer to manipulate DV tapes. Currently I do not need to do much editing, but I’m working my way there. Now I need to download 1 hour chunks of video from a Canon MiniDV camera, OR 2hr. chunks from a VCR (VHS). Then I need to digitize them, and output them to a CD. I need to get 2 hours of video onto a CD, in MPEG-1 format.

      I’ll be using a suitable editing program (I don’t know which one yet), but the bottleneck is the inputting. Most of the simple capture devices (Pinnacle, Canopus, DataVideo) are limited to their encoding speed. They capture big files, 20 GB/hr. Is there a way to get these files to output at higher rates, so the files will fit onto a CD, without spending $800 to $1000 for one of the Canopus, Matrox or Optibase cards?

      Thanks in advance for the help.

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