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      I want to capture some analogue video from my VCR (old videos, maybe transfer them to DVD or upload to YouTube) to my PC. I have an old Goodmans VCR that only has RF connections and one scart socket at the back (see this photo ). There are no other input/outputs, no RCA/phono for audio. My analogue capture card/TV tuner looks like this – . So it has S-Video, AV in, an Audio out + Audio in (phono) and an RF aerial socket. Can I get both video and audio to my computer if I run an RF cable from the ‘Antenna Out’ at the back of the VCR to the RF connection on my capture device? Can I even get video? I’m confused about this because every article on the internet about this suggest that I need to use an RCA ‘red/white/yellow’ cable. But since I don’t have this option at the back of my VCR, what can I do? Do I need some kind of converter? I want both video AND audio in sync.

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      hmmm, no offense i know that you’re a tech guy and want to figure this out…. but why wouldn’t you just run to a pawn shop and buy a vcr for $12 that has the a/v inputs?

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      Tech girl actually, thanks πŸ˜‰ Presumptions! I’m unemployed so I’d rather avoid unneccesary purchases. If there are no other options, then sure I’d consider getting another VCR. But I’d still like to know whether I can get my current setup to work. Any ideas?

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      the easiest path is a new vcr

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      I’m somewhat surprised by your suggestions to buy a new VCR. I bought a Scart – RCA converter for 1 (about $1.70) and now have video working. I’m now left with just audio to fix. I’m still confused. To clarify, I now have a 3 RCA inputs where the Scart plug was, and one of the inputs is now taken up with a single RCA video input which connects to the S-video input on the capture device. This leaves two stereo RCA inputs at the back of the VCR which I’ve connected (with another RCA lead) to the Audio IN jack input at the back of the capture device. The Audio OUT I’ve connected (via 3.5mm jack to jack lead) to the Line-In input on my soundcard. Does anyone know if this is correct? I’m trying to establish whether I’ve got it wrong or whether it’s faulty device (which I think is unlikely). Any help would be great. Thanks.

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      It seems like all you need is three cables going out,the left and right RCA audio(red and white) out which you should plug into the RCA in for left and right to your capture card and the Video(yellow) RCA out or S-Video out to the RCA or S-Video in on your capture card.

      I am confused whether you have S-video or RCA video.

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      REVISED response: OKAYYYYYYYYYY…what I do not see is a shot of the SCART connector outputs. Seems there’s a cable “out there” that would go from RCA to 1/8 mini. Is THAT what you are using to connect audio. If so, your RCA audio out (white plug/left audio out on SCART for mono only) to audio in on the converter should be working, unless the cable or SCART connection is defective.

      Screen shots of the areas of connectivity on your units would be extremely helpful in others coming forward with usable suggestions. Some of us are not getting it regarding some of your explanations and visuals would certainly “help” in our desire to respond with good information.

      For example, I use a SCART-RCA converter on the back of my old, reliable Casablanca self-contained editing system for monitor out. It ONLY has three RCA pin-plugs – two for LR (red & white plugs) audio out, one for video (yellow) out. There is NO S-Video out on my SCART. I’ve seen several of these and have yet to see one with an S-Video out connection.

      So, when you say you are running from the video out of the SCART to the S-Video in on your “capture” device, how are you doing this unless you have a SCART with such an output (I know just because I’ve never seen a SCART with one, doesn’t mean it does not exist, but…)? Or, are you using a RCA-S-Video converter cable?

      Again, images, however poor, of the connections on both units would be very helpful. Guess I could also go to the links you provided initially in case I’m talking out of turn. Will do that now, then edit this reponse accordingly.

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