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      Hey all,

      I’m looking for a good dedicated video camera for capturing my favorite sport called Martial Arts Tricking. I’m mainly looking for high FPS to capture good smooth slow motion.

      I have a Nikon D3100 but the low FPS isn’t so great for that. I don’t know much about video cameras, so if you guys could point me out to a direction it would be great. Doesn’t have to be 1080p, but it wouldn’t hurt. As for my budget, $500?

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       Alan, I don’t know if others may give some suggestions for a less than $500 cam that can shoot 1080p at say 60fsp or more. I noticed that with your cam to get to 30fps you have to shoot 720p. You may find some that can shoot short clips at an elevated frame rate, 3 or 4 seconds at 240. I use a sony sr11 that claims this function, not sure if it is real or some interpolated clip. Have you considered using your nle to make slow motion. I’m not sure if this will give a smooth enough result for you. Keep shooting.  

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