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      Hey Everyone, I have been using PPRO1.5 and MATROX RTX Extreme for years now with minor problems but here is a new problem that I can’t figure out.

      I recently installed two new hard drives. Everything operates normally after re-installing everything again. Now I am trying to capture my video and the color on my camera LCD is perfect but my captured footage is very washed out and greenish.

      I have tried to use PPRO, MATROX, Pinnacle STUDIO, ETC. And all the time the footage is washed out. Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this problem? I tried cleaning my video heads to no avail, trying a different firwire, and I think it’s a display problem but I can’t figure out how to fix it. Thanks!

      Dell Intel P4 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM, Windows XP SP2, 2 500 GB hard drives, PPRO1.5, MATROX RTX Extreme, RADEON 9600 card.

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      It sounds like the install of the drives may have changed a setting somewhere. No guarantee this will work but it might, try re-installing Premiere.

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