Capture Settings in Final Cut Pro for converting HD to DV

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      I’ve shot some footage on a Sony HDR-HC1 camcorder and would like to capture it into Final cut pro in 16:9 , few questions:

      On Easy Set Up do I choose DV-PAL? (I am UK based)

      Also what Sequence Settings should I have? I ask this because in a previous project I captured some DV footage which I’d shot in 16:9 but when I altered the Sequence settings to DV PAl & animorphic 16:9 the footage looked stretched…this was after I’d done a fair bit of editing and was new to the program.

      thanks for reading

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      any takers?

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      I dont think you can convert HDV to DV during ingest if you are capturing through Firewire. You’ll need a capture card for that…i think. If you don’t want to spend the money on a capture card, capture as HDV and then take your clips into Compressor and convert them to DV-PAL animorphic or DVCPro50 Animorphic PAL.

      Your sequence settings should match your clip settings. If you’re clip is 16:9, then your sequence should be animorphic. The framerate, resolution, and compression codec should all match as well.

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