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      I currently produce showcase videos where I’ll have 80 to 100 10 sec clips that i need save seperatly for cataloging and quick recovery.

      Right now I’m capturing them one at a time and this is taking me 6 to 8 hours per job, there has to be a better way. I’m using FCP, and capturing from a JVC HD7 VIA Firewire. I tried using the batch capture but it is not working, never done it before I may be doing somthing worng.

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      Batch Capture is great when you don’t break the timecode on your tape. Have you broken the timecode?

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      Here’s a video with a pretty cute girl:

      At 00:54, she talks about marking in and out points. instead of typing in the timecode like she does, you can watch the tape and press “I” to mark the in point and “O” to mark the out point.

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      That’s an interesting idea. I – O istead of timecode.

      Has anyone actually tried this?

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      “Has anyone actually tried this?”

      I thought that’s what everyone did. It’s just a keyboard shortcut

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