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      I’m useing Ulead Media Studio pro 6. I recently connected a VCR to my computer (through an analog/digital converter card) to capture some wedding footage. I’ve already captured stuff from my old football films and a little explosion from the movie the matrix. Now, all of a sudden it won’t capture. When I hit the record button the record dialog box appears and it goes through the motion of captureing. But, when I stop the recording process and wait for it to playback the clip I just recorded it now tells me that it cannot playback capture on the current driver. How is that? This isn’t the first time recording from VCR and now out of nowhere here is this issue. So I go to the file where the capture would be saved normally and low and behold there is my capture. I click on it to open and a message pops up and tells me that it could not open the file. The message also says at the bottom of the box “catastrophic failure”. Does anyone know what I need to do? Or can help me out?

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    What converter card are you using? Try updating the drivers for it. It may be corrupted. HTH.


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